Restaurant La Pineda El Dorado - Rices Paellas Seafood Fish
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" Restaurant la Pineda Dorado - Rices Paellas Seafood Fish"

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Avenue Pau Casals, 71 43481 Playa La Pineda Pineda Platja, Tarragona
977 37 09 47


The restaurant

The restaurant Dorado was founded in 1960 by a  family and years later a manager took control of the restaurant and caught the reins of the restaurant. He created a gastronomic line parallel to that he had while investigating and reinventing the field of the paellas and rices, and that was when the rice of Dorado became characteristic and became a line and a brand currently wellknown all over the world based on its essence of an honest and simple cuisine


It also highlight the fish and seafood which is daily fres in its majestic showcase in front of the aquarium where lobsters, bogavantes, clams, and oysters live. On the other side, you can also order meats and barbecues​​, where we can finde dishes: lamb shoulder, shoulder of kid, roast suckling pig, goat ribs with which can be accompanied with the best wines and hard to find in any restaurant. We also have an extensive and wonderful dessert menu, some of which are homemade.